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11th-Oct-2020 02:55 pm - いらっしゃいませ!!
Layout feat. RUN&GUN made by rungunai  
Header picture taken from: FANLIFE VOL. 07 & http://moura.jp/liter/melon/ 

Life is an emotional journey, where it's natural when friends come and go. Whether or not my friends stay the same or my life starts to change, I'll always be in love. For almost 5 years, my love has been unchanged. And everyday, I fall even more and more in love. They are my passion, my life's work, and my obsession-- RUN&GUN. 

I'm a full time Fangirl with over 10 years worth of experience. And loving Boys Love is well one of my specialties. *^o^* And every fangirl has their favorite pairing yes?...Mine, no doubt, is Yonehara Kousuke x Kamiyama Ryuji. When defining my love for them, obsession would be an understatement. 

rg_eiyaku  : RUN&GUN Blog Translations (^__^) 
cocoaotoko : Community Dedicated to the Cocoa Otoko boys!

If you like, please join my communities!

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23rd-Oct-2013 01:51 pm - Thank you for 6 years.
I've been a member of RUN&GUN's fanclub for about 6 years.
And I just got a letter today notifying members that RUN&GUN's fanclub is now closed.

There is so much sad that I'm going through right now.

But it was a good 6 years.

I'll miss FanLife.
23rd-Oct-2011 10:29 am - Oshitari/Atobe Doushinshi for sale
I'm selling 9 Oshitari x Atobe doujinishi!
If you’re interested, please comment with the number(s) of the doujinshi you want. 

- ALL doujinshi are 8 USD each.
- If you buy 3 or more, they will be 6 USD each.
- If you buy 4 or more, the will be 5 USD each.

- Paypal (recommended)
- However, if you do not have paypal we may be able to work out another way of payment.

- Prices within the USA: 3 USD + 1 USD for every additional
- Prices outside the USA: 5 USD + 1 USD for every additional

Doujinshi for sale!Collapse )
22nd-Sep-2011 05:48 pm - Fanvids.
So... Because Youtube & photobucket aren't the best place to put all my fanvids, I've made them a new little home. Finally after searching forever, I've found them a nice site to collect at.

You can see every fanvid I've made since 2009 (the year I started making them).


There are 10+ videos... 1 is a Bacchus Fanvid and the others are Kousuke x Ryuji ones.

Please go see if you're interested.
9th-Sep-2011 05:54 pm - Private Lesson [fanfiction]
My first Kousuke x Ryuji fic in a LONG time TT It is written for @death_altema who had inspired me to write again. 

Title: Private Lessons
Pairing: Yonehara Kousuke x Kamiyama Ryuji
Summary: In preperation for "Bacchus' Christmas Eve," Kousuke has to sharpen up his pole dancing. So, of course, he would go ask for the pole dancing prodigy's help-- Kamiyama Ryuji. 

Extra Notes: There are a many details that are based off of real facts about these boys...like In Bacchus Party practice, Kousuke did have trouble pole dancing and looked "atrocious" according to the RG boys. Ryuji was, of course, the prodigy of pole dancing. And yes, when you read the story...that is what Ryuji likes to wear around his house during the summer plus his real explanation. Oh and, no one can every think on Ryuji's level ^.~ 

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3rd-Aug-2011 02:26 pm - I'm here!
Hello Everyone! It's been a very long time since I've updated. 

But I do want to apologize to anyone who has added me this recently (meaning this past year), I don't actively update and haven't added anyone in quite some months. Although, I am still present on LJ because of my 2 communities: rg_eiyaku  (for RG blog translations) and cocoaotoko. You'll find me there most frequently. But if you do just want to chat with me or need to ask me for anything, please feel free to message me. 

In addition to this...where you can find me is on my Ameblo or Twitter. 


My Ameblo is just another blog place...its where I do my usual RUN&GUN fangirling. So if you're interested, you can read my updates there. Well, I'm also practicing my Japanese there...so if you would like to read it, I can always make accommodation to write in English as well. Comments are always welcomed. 

And I'm on twitter. It's fairly new, so I haven't tweeted much. 

Well then! See you all around~
15th-Nov-2010 06:17 am - Can't Sleep Tonight [fanvid]
 My newest fanvid [for those who I haven't spammed already with it]. Of course, it's Kousuke x Ryuji pair. And the clips used are all from Air Gear Myu TGR Backstage. Enjoy.

(Sorry I didn't have this uploaded when I posted yesterday) 

Here are the music videos from the Cocoa Otoko's『Let me free ~強引なほど、、、/CROSS MIND』DVDs.

Let me free ~強引なほ

*any mirrors are appreciated. 
14th-Sep-2010 07:47 pm - Contagious Love [Fanfiction]
Wow. It's been some time since I wrote one hasn't it? Well, that was probably almost 2 years ago. Please, I'm a little rusty, but enjoy.

Title: Contagious Love
Pairing: Yonehara Kousuke x Kamiyama Ryuji
Rated: PG-13
Summary: My inspiration came from the time when both Kousuke and Ryuji got sick a couple weeks back... So it's my interpretation of how Ryuji got sick (since Kousuke was ill before his leader). 

Contagious LoveCollapse )
15th-Aug-2010 07:20 pm - Hey Princess~
Made this Kousuke x Ryuji Fanvid last week~ enjoy. <3

Song: Hey Princess by Allstar weekend
Video clips: AG TGR

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